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The Incredible Benefits of Semi-Independent Living Programs

The term “semi-independent living” refers to a program for young people aged 16 to 20 who are enrolled in the Independent Living Preparation Program, living in a supported residence, and being closely overseen by the Department. Participants in the program may be given financial aid and have the option of renting an apartment or a home in the neighborhood. We want our customers to begin gaining independence as quickly as possible because our program is designed to teach it. This includes assigning them home responsibilities, having them prepare meals for the family, and having them purchase items in accordance with the agreed-upon menu plans. These services must help children or adults get ready for independence. They must include counseling, education, housing, employment, and the development of money management skills. They must also provide access to vital documents.

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How Does the Semi-Independent Living Program Create an Empowered Community in and of Itself?

The semi-independent living program participants are there because they are prepared to combine their toolbox of efficient treatments and coping mechanisms with life’s varied challenges a toolbox that is substantial enough to support them through life well into the future. They still have the assistance of a caring team to support them as they navigate the difficulties throughout this program’s crucial moment of transition. To make sure that clients’ schedules are on track and to assist with any problems that may arise around the house, support personnel make daily visits to the home. Along with their weekly individual exercises, clients also take part in weekly therapy and group sessions. A therapeutic community is formed when staff and peers who are also residing in the home and are each going through their own recovery and increasing independence join together. To put it another way, clients are learning how to rely on themselves and others, to help others, and to actively participate in their larger community. These teachings are crucial for not only mental health rehabilitation but also for the development of our entire communities. Additionally, you can always use additional constructive and well-trained contributions to improve our local leadership, cooperative partnerships, and resources for the community.

Assistance from Staff for Semi-Independent Living

A live-in manager is present, and staff members visit each home on a frequent basis, in addition to every morning and every evening, seven days a week, to make sure that everyone is taking their medications as prescribed, that their chores are finished, and that the house is in excellent order. Clients residing in semi-independent housing will have access to 24-hour, on-call therapeutic support as needed. Any deviation from what we believe to be appropriate and expected would be reported to the clinical team so that the necessary therapeutic interventions could be made. Every client will take part in a weekly house meeting led by the house manager, when chore, cooking, and grocery buying rotations are decided. Additionally, the clients collaborate to plan meals for the following week and receive assistance from one another to settle any disputes that may arise.

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